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How long is the program?
UL LIFE is a 2-year program with the opportunity for a 4-year program based on requirements met. Visit “Course Plan and Tuition" for more information.

What ages are applicants eligible for admissions?
Applicants must be between ages 18-25 years old upon admission to the UL LIFE Program.

Does UL LIFE schedule tours?
UL LIFE does not schedule tours. We do, however, offer Preview Days each fall in which you can tour the LIFE facilities and the UL Campus. Visit “Application and Admissions” for dates and how to sign up.

Can UL LIFE students live on campus? Is a UL LIFE student required to live on campus?
Yes, UL LIFE students are eligible to live on campus. If a student resides outside of the local area, they are required to live on campus within their first year.

Do UL LIFE students only take LIFE classes?
No, LIFE students audit LIFE courses and University courses within their area of interest. Visit “Course Plan and Tuition” for more information.

Do UL LIFE students receive credit for the hours taken?
UL LIFE Students audit courses during their time at UL Lafayette, meaning they do not receive a grade or have a GPA. LIFE students must complete all required course work to receive the audit credit.

What kind of diploma or certificate will the student receive?
Upon completion of the UL LIFE program, UL LIFE students will receive a Certificate of Achievement at commencement. All UL LIFE students are required to participate and attend the UL Lafayette Commencement.

Do LIFE students pick a major?
UL LIFE Students choose an area of interest in line with their career goals. Their University classes are chosen based on their area of interest.

I’m a UL Lafayette student, how do I become a LIFE Mentor?
Email for information on how to become a mentor. Visit “Mentor Information” page for more information on specific roles of a mentor.