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Mentor Information

UL LIFE Mentors are traditional college students who apply and are trained by UL LIFE Staff to become additional LIFE student supports. LIFE mentors support students in all aspects of UL LIFE including, but not limited to, attending class, assisting in internships, going to social events, helping in dorm-life, and creating lasting friendships with LIFE students.

UL LIFE mentors are trained in all aspects of UL LIFE. If you are a UL Lafayette student interested in becoming a LIFE mentor, please email for more information and the application. Below are aspects of the program you will be trained in to assist LIFE students if accepted.

Academic/Classroom Mentors

The amount of assistance needed largely depends on the learning needs of the student. Some students require one-to-one mentoring while others require minimal supervision with their studies.

Some of the duties include:

• Travel with students to their classes.
• Assist students with notetaking and assignment due dates.
• Assist with organization of everyday logistics – learn the applications with the students (Calendar, paper planners, iPad AT, etc.)
• Help with time management/weekly schedule.
• Help with understanding the classroom environment.
• Complete weekly evaluations on student’s performance.
• Assist in the completion of assignments during Academic Support time.

Internship Mentors

You may be asked to support the students in an internship. Each area of internship has a job description provided by internship supervisor so you can assist the student in achieving their learning outcomes. Internships are centered around task completion, but also focus on social skills and behavior required in the working environment.

• Travel with students to their internships.
• Help with time management/weekly schedule/budgeting.
• Help with understanding the social/work environment.
• Complete weekly student evaluations.
• Ensure student is working efficiently to complete specific tasks.
• Assist student with internship responsibilities.

Social Mentors

As traditional students you know that there is more to college life than studying. Socializing is a large part of campus life and a great opportunity to meet people and get involved with clubs and activities. Some LIFE students can find it difficult to meet people, make new friends and communicate effectively. As a mentor you can act as a bridge to assist the students in making new social connections and create lasting friendships throughout their college journey.