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UL LIFE students are given the opportunity to live on campus. This provides LIFE students with the experience of living independently in dorms alongside their traditional college peers.


LIFE students will reside with fellow LIFE students. Depending on the number of LIFE students living in dorms, there are instances when LIFE students reside with an Office of Housing and Residential Life: Residential Assistant (RA). LIFE staff provides guidance and assistance when needed for roommate communication.

Dorm Styles

LIFE students currently reside in Baker Hall in a Suite Style room, either a shared or private suite style. Visit the UL Lafayette Office of Housing for information on cost and differences between the two styles. LIFE students pay the same price for dorms as all UL Lafayette students. All residential students are required to purchase a meal plan.


UL LIFE staff, LIFE Residential Mentors, and Housing Residential Assistants are always on call for LIFE residential student emergencies. Safety is the UL LIFE Program’s #1 priority, and we ensure education and skills focused on safety and independent living.


In order for LIFE students to be eligible for on-campus living, LIFE students must successfully complete an overnight orientation the summer before their first year of living on-campus. Students from outside of the local area are required to live on campus during their first year being with UL LIFE. LIFE students from the local area can choose to live on-campus at the beginning of any school year they are enrolled with UL LIFE.

LIFE students must follow all policies in both the UL LIFE Residential Handbook and the UL Lafayette Office of Housing and Residential Life Handbook to reside in the residential halls.