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About The Program

The UL LIFE Program offers a Basic 2-year or Advanced 4-year program. The Basic 2-year program incorporates functional academics, independent living skills, career development, social/leisure skills, and health/wellness skills in a public university setting with the goal of producing self-sufficient young adults.

Invitation to the Advanced 4-year Program is extended based on successful completion of one year in the Basic Program and meeting criteria and requirements including, but not limited to: ability to safely navigate campus independently, sustain employment, and socially integrate. The UL LIFE Advanced Program progresses from the Basic Program with a strong emphasis on independence in career development, community involvement, and academic growth.

LIFE Students who successfully complete the UL LIFE Basic or Advanced Program will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment through the University of Louisiana College of Education and Human Development. This certificate represents that students have completed the UL LIFE requirements in university courses, LIFE courses, employment training, and community integration.

The UL LIFE Program focuses on academic growth, career development, community involvement, and independent living.

Academic Growth

LIFE students audit university and LIFE courses each semester in the program. LIFE students participate in at least 2 LIFE courses taught by UL LIFE staff. These focus on functional skills such as academic reading and writing, financial literacy, and communication skills. 
Visit “Course Plan and Tuition” for a list of LIFE courses taught.

LIFE students also audit university courses within their area of interest. With the goal of successful employment, students take courses within an area that pertains to their career goals. Students audit at least one university course each semester.

Career Development

In addition to the LIFE career development courses, LIFE students, whether in the Basic or Advanced Program, will begin an on-campus internship in their second year in the program.

LIFE internships are focused on gaining transferable career skills for LIFE students to take with them post-graduation. Internship placements are based on area of interest, courses taken, and work experiences. LIFE Internship Mentors accompany students to their internships to aid in accommodations, communication, and schedule management.

LIFE students in the Basic Program work towards a 6-8 hour per-week internship schedule. Students in the Advanced Program work towards a 10-15 hour per-week internship schedule with a goal of fading internship mentor support.

Community Involvement

Community Involvement has two components: the campus community and the Lafayette community. Both UL Lafayette and the City of Lafayette have a culture centered in diversity and inclusion in which UL LIFE has been embraced. We work with students to ensure that campus and community activities are attended by UL LIFE students. On- and off-campus students are required to attend a certain number of events to ensure community involvement and to encourage students to be active members of their communities.

Independent Living

With the expansion of the program, primarily the addition of on-campus housing component as well as the LIFE Skills Lab, LIFE students get hands-on experience and lessons in areas pertinent to living independently.

The UL LIFE Skills Lab consists of a fully functioning kitchen, washer/dryer, and workstations, which allow LIFE students to practice the skills taught in LIFE courses to better prepare them to live as independently as possible.

Along with the LIFE Skills Lab and independent living skills courses, LIFE students can also live on-campus in university housing. Visit “Housing” for more details on the housing component of UL LIFE.