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Programs for Children & Families

Center for Gifted Education

The Center for Gifted Education is an instructional, research, and service center. It is one of only about 20 such comprehensive centers focusing on the needs of high ability/gifted learners in the nation and the only one of its scope in the state of Louisiana.

Children's Program

The Children’s Programs at the Center for Gifted Education are designed to support the development of talent in high ability and gifted learners.

Louisiana Lagniappe      

Louisiana Lagniappe is a 3-day summer institute on teaching for high-end learning. High end learning is not just for those students who are gifted, but also to develop the talents of all students to help them reach their potential.

Learn more about the Louisiana Lagniappe.

Center for Innovative Learning and Assessment Technology (CILAT)

The Center for Innovative Learning and Assessment Technology offers camps to children to create an exciting way to teach children science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).  In addition, CILAT offers several educational robotics programs for children and conduct research on how best to support children and train education majors and teachers in using robotics in teaching.

Science Discovery Camp, Grades 1-3

This highly engaging science camp will have your children working as real scientists to observe, investigate, and discover!  We will explore topics such as geology, astronomy, engineering, architecture, biology, and physical science through hands-on experiments and problem solving. This fast-paced experiential camp is sure to get your child excited about the science all around us!

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WeDo Robotics Camp, Grades 1-2

Children in this class will engage in various design projects including the Lego WeDo robotics kit. Children will build various robotic machines and program them to move and interact with sensors. These activities will introduce physics concepts such energy, gears, cams, and pulleys, and help children start to understand and appreciate engineering and programming concepts such as command sequence, sensors, and loop.

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Biomimicry: Learning from Nature, Grades 3-5

Do you like inventing? Do you like learning about living things and the natural world? In this class, children will study the natural world in search for inspiration for their own inventions. Nature has been solving problems for 3.8 million years. The same problems we, as humans, need to solve such as harvesting energy, growing food, and building homes. Children will learn how engineers and biologists collaborate in designing solutions through the study of nature. Children will apply these processes to their own designs.

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Contact Us

Dr. Doug Williams, Director
Location: Maxim Doucet  Hall 107B
Phone: 337-482-6412

Clinic for Counseling and Personal Development (CCPD)

The Department of Counseling offers FREE counseling services to UL Lafayette students, faculty, staff, and their families a wide range of counseling services including:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Couples Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Play Therapy

The UL Lafayette Clinic for Counseling and Personal Development (CCPD) is the clinical training facility for the graduate students in Counseling. The Clinic for Counseling and Personal Development utilizes graduate level interns and practicum students working under faculty supervision to provide counseling services and community referrals to the students, faculty, and employees of UL Lafayette and their immediate families.

The CCPD is located on the second floor of the newly opened Cecil J. Picard Center in the University’s Research Park, situated between the LITE Center and University Medical Center.

Contact Us

Now also seeing clients in the evenings between 5pm and 8pm. Keep calm and call a counselor at 337-482-1018 today to schedule your appointment.

Building Location: 2nd Floor in the Cecil J Picard Center
Physical Address: 200 East Devalcourt Street, Lafayette, LA 70506
Phone: 337-482-1018

Reading Center

The Reading Center in the College of Education and Human Development offers the two programs.

  • Assessment and Prescriptive Program- offered in reading every semester. Evaluators/tutors are undergraduate senior-level teacher candidates with a background in reading.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation Program- offered in reading every spring semester. Evaluators/tutors are graduate-level teacher candidates with a background in reading.

In both programs offered, the student is evaluated and tutored over 6+ sessions. At the end of the program, the parent or guardian can confer with the evaluator. In addition, the parent is given a written report with findings and recommendations for the classroom and for the parent.

A class fee is required per student for both programs offered.

Please contact the UL Reading Institute with any questions or application.

Contact Us

Dr. Aeve Abington-Pitre, Director
Phone: 337-482-5012
Location: Maxim Doucet Hall, Room 104