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Selective Admission

A student who fails to meet all Teacher Preparation Program admission requirements will not granted acceptance into Teacher Preparation Program by the Office of Student Services. If a student does not meet all requirements, the application must be evaluated by the College of Education and Human Development Committee on Selective Admission.

Under no circumstances will a student be admitted into the program unless all admission requirements are met. However, the Committee on Selective Admissions has the authority to admit a limited number of students who do not meet the test score requirement. All students are given the opportunity to request an extension when completing the admission application. The Committee on Selective Admissions may grant extensions regarding timely application (including cases in which extenuating circumstances have caused students with demonstrated potential to fall below the minimum 2.5 overall grade point average) or may grant extensions to a student who is making satisfactory progress toward completing the admission requirements.

Extensions are not granted automatically. A student must formally request an extension. The purpose of the request is not to request an exception; there are no exceptions for admittance into the Teacher Preparation Program in the College of Education and Human Development. The purpose of the request is to request an extension to remain in the College of Education and Human Development while you pursue the admission requirements. An extension request must also be submitted for each additional extension needed to complete admission requirements. However, all students should be cautioned that additional extensions are rarely granted.

A student who has not fulfilled all admission requirements will not be allowed to enroll in any 300-400 level professional education courses labeled EDCI, EDFL, IRED, READ, or SPED (EDCI 308 and SPED 391 are exceptions to this rule) and will not be allowed to schedule any methods courses in HLTH or KNES. All  of these courses are necessary to earn a degree and an initial teacher certification. Therefore, a student who does not make timely application or who fails to meet admission requirements may be counseled to change their major.

Any student who is either denied admission or removed from the Teacher Preparation Program will be reconsidered for the Teacher Preparation Program in education after having earned a non-education degree with a minimum 2.5 overall cumulative grade point average from a regionally accredited college or university. A student may request such reconsideration into the program by 1) submitting an official transcript which notes the awarding of the degree earned, and 2) obtaining an official prescription of courses required to complete a certification area and possibly a second undergraduate degree.
NOTE: The College of Education and Human Development offers a post-baccalaureate option for non-certified individuals who desire to prepare for teaching, but who do not wish to pursue a second undergraduate degree.