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Interview with Hannah Trahan, Elementary Education Major

Question: What UL Lafayette summer camp did you work?

Answer: I worked the science camp hosted by the Center for Gifted Education. These students will enter first through fourth grades in the fall.

Question: Tell us about your experience thus far.

Answer: We are doing gifted science activities with them, focused on the time machine theme — activities that pertain to different periods in history. For example, in the Egyptian period, we time travelled to work with simple machines, and we time travelled to the Renaissance. We are doing activities that reflect the discoveries made as we travel to that part in history.

Question: How does this benefit you as a future educator?

Answer: It’s really cool because I’m getting to work with kids in different ranges in the elementary spectrum, and I’m learning how to incorporate fun things that kids that get them engaged and involved that aren’t just worksheets. It gets the kids moving, interacting with one another, working on social skills and having a lot of fun and learning at the same time.

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