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Graduation Checklist

Graduating seniors in the College of Education who successfully complete degree requirements and who wish to receive their diplomas at the commencement need to be aware of the following:

Final Degree Audit

Students who intend to graduate should request a copy of their final degree audit one semester prior to graduation by visiting the Office of Student Services in Maxim Doucet, Room 105. Students are required to obtain an unofficial copy of their transcripts in the Registrar's Office in  Martin 171. The transcript should be submitted to the Office of Student Services in Maxim Doucet, Room 105.   

Application for Degree

The student must obtain the "Application for Degree" from the Registrar's Office in Martin Hall, Room 171 and accurately complete the Application for Degree. Then, students should pay the $90.00 fee at the Student Cashier Center in the Student Union, and give the stamped "Application for Degree" to Tiffany Taylor in Maxim Doucet, Room 114 in the Dean's Office.

NOTE: It is particularly important that all mailing addresses be complete and accurate.  Without accurate mailing information, a student will miss important announcements.  The deadline for degree applications is published in the official university calendar.


Graduating seniors in debt to the university will be notified by mail of that debt by the Registrar's Office.  In addition, students will be notified by the Dean's Office regarding their debt. If a student does not pay all debts by the deadline set by the Registrar's Office, the diploma will be withheld and the student will not be considered a graduate of UL Lafayette until all debts are cleared.

NOTE: Any holds related to debts that are paid with a debt card, savings account, or check will NOT be released until at least 2 weeks after payment has been made on the account.

Incomplete Grades

Students must have completed any incomplete (I) grades necessary for graduation at least two (2) weeks before the beginning of final exams, and the Registrar's Office must receive the "Change of Grade" card from the instructor at least two (2) weeks before commencement.

Transfer Work

All transfer work from previous semesters must be posted by March 1st for the Spring semester and October 1st for the Fall semester. Students must send a copy of their official transcript to the UL Lafayette Office of Admissions for proper evaluation.

Any graduating senior who is dual enrolled at another institution to complete coursework needed to satisfy degree requirements at UL Lafayette must make sure that his/her transfer work has been approved by Mrs. Riedel, Assistant Dean, in the Office of Student Services in Maxim Doucet, Room 105. In addition, students are required to send the UL Lafayette Office of Admissions a copy of their official grade transcript(s) no later than the Wednesday of the before graduation. 

NOTE: If this deadline cannot be met, the student should meet with the University Registrar at UL Lafayette or the Dean's Office in Maxim Doucet, Room 114 to explore other means of receiving the requisite grades.

Dropped Courses



Each graduate will be issued a plaque diploma ready for immediate display.  In addition, each graduate will be receiving an additional sheet diploma.

Cap and Gown

The cap and gown fees must be paid to the University Bookstore on time.  Students will receive notification of the deadline, along with other necessary commencement information by mail from the Registrar's Office.

Attendance at Graduation

Students must attend the College of Education Commencement Ceremony AND the General Assembly Commencement Ceremony.  If a student has a conflict which prevents his/her attending the ceremonies, the student must apply to the dean of the College of Education for permission to graduate in absentia no later than two (2) weeks prior to the commencement ceremony, using the Absence from Commencement Request Form.  Please submit the completed form to Maxim Doucet 114.

NOTE: If a student does not apply to graduate in absentia and does not attend commencement, the diploma will be withheld and the student will not be considered a graduate of UL Lafayette.

Special Needs

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette will seek to accommodate all persons with disabilities for Commencement.  If you have a disability that may require accommodations, please notify the Dean's office at (337) 482-6678 as soon as possible and no later than seven (7) days in advance of commencement to make arrangements.

Alumni Association Membership

A graduating student becomes an active member of the UL Lafayette Alumni free for one year, compliments of the Alumni Association. However, it is up to the graduate to contact the Alumni Office to maintain his/her active membership. The graduate must complete the membership form which will be included in the packet issued on graduation day.

Job Placement

Career Services, located in the Conference Center, Room 104, (337) 482-1444, assists graduates in finding full-time post-graduate employment.  During the fall and spring semesters, business, government, and industry representatives recruit seniors for employment.  Register now with the Center to take advantage of interviewing opportunities.  Job listing and career resources are also available.