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Roles and Responsibilities

Candidates in the Teacher Residency will shadow the cooperating teacher during the yearlong teacher residency.

The roles and responsibilities for candidates during Residency I and Residency II of the Teacher Residency include, but are not limited to:

  • shadowing the cooperating teacher when the cooperating teacher has morning or after school cafeteria, hall, or school ground duty and when the cooperating teacher has meetings to attend after students are dismissed from school;
  • maintaining a proper professional relationship with all school personnel at the assigned school;
  • becoming familiar with the philosophy and policies of the assigned school and work in conformity with these policies;
  • learning about matters related to the grading system, record keeping, and procedures for reporting to parents;
  • using school records, observations, and conferences to become better acquainted with pupils;
  • performing, willingly and cheerfully, extra duties, such as cafeteria, hall, and school ground duties;
  • promptly meeting requirements and responsibilities for each work day;
  • accepting suggestions and constructive criticisms from the supervising teacher;
  • giving credit to the supervising teacher for assistance rendered;
  • recognizing that the student information acquired through the teaching experience should be remain confidential; and
  • being diligent, accurate, and professional in all required tasks.

For additional information regarding, teacher resident responsibilities refer to the Clinical Experience Handbook or learn more about the yearlong teacher residency requirements.