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Appeal for Academic Suspension

All students in the College of Education and Human Development who were placed on academic suspension at either the end of the previous semester must appeal their suspension by the posted deadline during the beginning of the next semester.

The procedure to appeal academic suspension is:

1.     Make an appointment to meet with the Assistant Dean for a suspension appeal by calling the Office of Student Services at 337-482-6681.

2.    Pick up a current transcript from the Registrar’s Office in Martin 170.

3.    Write a letter to the Assistant Dean requesting a suspension appeal, listing all the reasons why a 2.0 cumulative overall GPA was not earned.

4.    Meet with the Assistant Dean to complete the committee on academic appeals and standards (CAAS) form.

5.    Wait for a decision from the Registrar’s Office – approval or denial of appeal request. NOTE: Students with 3 or fewer appeals are processed quickly.  Students with 4 or more suspension appeals will have to wait until the members (2 or more from each college) on the Committee on     Academic Appeals and Standards review the request – this may take several days.

6.    If the appeal is approved, students can register for classes, following the committee and Assistant Dean’s recommendations for courses and credit hour restrictions.