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Teacher Residency Meeting

The Teacher Residency application meeting for all teacher interns (student teachers) and academic interns will be held at Bourgeois Hall at the beginning of each semester and will last approximately 1 hour.

NOTE: LSUE 2+2 Cohorts will meet in Dr. Hunter Beasly’s classroom on the LSUE campus in Manuel Hall, Room 208.

This is a mandatory meeting for all upcoming teacher interns and academic interns who will have completed all requirements for approval to start Residency I of the TeacherResidency.

Candidates are required to complete the Residency I Teacher Residency application online, BEFORE attending the meeting.

NOTE: After the announced deadline, the application will not be available online. Candidates who fail to attend the application meeting must contact the Office of Teacher Clinical Experiences.

Please bring the following items to the meeting:

  • A copy of all 3 pages of your passing scores for Praxis II (not Praxis I) Content Knowledge and Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT).
  • A blank check to pay to join a professional educational organization offering education liability insurance, such as A+PEL, LAE, LAHPERD, Kappa Delta Pi, etc. The cost of education liability insurance is between $20-$30. Visit Organizations and Associations for more information.
  • Legal documentation to support a name change (a copy of your marriage certificate) if your last name differs on either your University transcripts or on any Praxis test score reports.
  • Black OR blue ink ballpoint/roller ball pen